Wealthfront vs Betterment - A Plebian's Perspecitve - Six Month Update

I'm well past due for an update on the progress of my accounts. Here's the update so far. I am really loving the set and forget attitude of not having to follow my accounts daily. I still check up on them weekly, but the impact of dips in the market seem lower. People complain about huge hits and it doesn't seem nearly as bad.

Wealthfront Progress

Betterment Progress


I'm extremely satisfied with the progress in both accounts. However, it's clear thus far that Wealthfront has performed better. I've managed to get one additional friend to sign up with Wealthfront (and contribute to their account), netting me an extra $5,000 of free advisory fees. So far, so good. I'll probably update again in another 3 months and keep a close watch on how things go.

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